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8 Amazing landscapes I've visited

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

1. Sunrise on the Matterhorn

This photo was taken at dawn outside the Theodulhutte (or rifugio Teodulo) on the Swiss Italian border during my trek around Monte Rosa. The hut is at a height of 3,300M and overlooks a large part of the Theodul glacier system. The view of this majestic mountain from the hut is amazing.


2. The View from Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) in the Stavanger region of Norway

This really is "Lord of the Rings" country. The photo was taken in August 2016 during a fleetingly brief dry spell coinciding with our arrival on the rock after the hike up from the lodge in the valley below. The weather had been very poor for several days but the entire trip was worth the effort for this photo and the next!


3. Another View from Pulpit Rock

The light at the time this was taken was magical and so evocative of the images that spring to mind in Norse mythology. The tiny boat just visible in the distance serves to emphasise the scale of the mountains rising from the fjord.


4. Lacs de l'Aventine

These lovely turquoise lakes were encountered on the hike towards Theodulhutte during my trek around Monte Rosa. The scene was so quiet and peaceful and a perfect spot for a couple to take lunch on the shoreline which you can just see if you expand the image. The contrast between the snowy and rapidly receding glacier and the lakes is eyecatching.


5. The Breithorn

Having succeeded on a guided ascent of this fabulous peak in -8 degrees and super-cooled droplet laden cloud I could not resist taking the cable car up to the Kleine Matterhorn the next day to see what I had missed. In crystal clear conditions the shot shows how this beautiful mountain appears relatively benign on one side but fiercely impregnable on the other.


6. Glacial Valley, Zinal

This stunning view of the valley heavily gouged by the Zinal Glacier was taken during the descent from Cabane d'Arpitetta among the high peaks above the village of Zinal. The photo shows the effect of climate change on the glacier that has retreated heavily over the last 40 years or so. The Petite Mountet mountain hut is just visible at the top of the near right hand edge of the glaciated valley.


7. En Route from Rifugio Bonatti to La Fouly (Ultimate Tour de Mont Blanc)

This lovely shot was taken not long after leaving Rifugio Bonatti on the trail towards La Fouly. After a short initial ascent the trail traverses through pine woods and angles gently down to the valley before the sustained and steep climb to Grand Col Ferret. The traverse through the woods provides glimpses of the stunning peaks opposite as shown in the photo.


8. Ascent of Monte Cinto, Corsica

This shot was taken just below Pointe des Eboulis on the summit ridge of Monte Cinto. The ascent of Monte Cinto is an achievement to be proud of involving frequent use of chains to overcome steep boulders along the trail together with energy sapping fine scree en route to the ridge. The route up from Haut Asco is referred to by German climbers as "the slave driver" and I can appreciate why. Once on the ridge an additional hour of mixed walking and scrambling is required before gaining the summit. The photo shows the rugged terrain through which the trail passes.

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